Lake Physics

Lake Physics to Ecosystem Services: Forel and the Origins of Limnology

Warwick F. Vincent Warwick F. Vincent
Université Laval
Quebec, Canada

Warwick F. Vincent is a professor of biology at Laval University (Université Laval) in Quebec City, Canada, where he is also Scientific Director of the Center for Northern Studies (CEN) and Canada Research Chair in aquatic ecosystem studies. Warwick grew up in New Zealand, and graduated BSc (hons) in botany and cell biology at the University of Auckland. He obtained his PhD in ecology at the University of California, Davis, under the supervision of Professor Charles R. Goldman, and then undertook postdoctoral studies at the Freshwater Biological Association in the English Lake District. He worked as a research scientist on lake and oceanographic projects in New Zealand, Field Director at Lake Titicaca, Peru-Bolivia, visiting professor at the University of Kyoto and the Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute, Japan, and as a researcher on Antarctic, and more recently Arctic, aquatic ecosystems. In 1990, he moved from the Lake Taupo Research Laboratory, New Zealand, to Laval University, Québec, where he learned French in order to teach limnology and oceanography in French Canada. One of the unforeseen benefits was that he became able to read Forel’s 3-volume treatise on limnology, published only in French, and to appreciate the remarkable scope and depth of Forel’s insights into lake ecosystem science. This ultimately brought him to Lake Geneva to learn more about Forel and the origins of limnology.

Carinne Bertola Carinne Bertola
Nyon, Switzerland

Carinne Bertola is Project Coordinator at the Lake Geneva Museum (Musée du Léman) at Nyon, Switzerland. Carinne grew up in Nyon, on the shores of Lake Geneva, and at an early age developed an interest in the social sciences. She obtained her Masters degree in sociology at the University of Geneva, and her PhD in museum science at the National Museum of Natural History (Musée national d'histoire naturelle) in Paris, France. Her first contact with the work of François Forel was in 1997 when the Forel family donated many original documents to the Lake Geneva Museum Documentation Centre, including his handwritten drafts of the 3-volume monograph. She has worked with scholars from around the world interested in Forel, including Dr. Yukiko Kada, former Deputy Director of the Lake Biwa Museum, and currently Governor of Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Carinne has produced many publications on the history, science and culture of Lake Geneva, including her edited volume “Bertola, C., C. Goumand and J.F. Rubin [eds.] 1999. Découvrir le Léman: 100 ans après François-Alphonse Forel [Discover Lake Geneva : 100 Years after François-Alfonse Forel]. Editions Slatkine, Geneva, 922 pp; and Bertola, C. 2009. Léman Maniac [Crazy about Lake Geneva], Éditions Glénat, Nyon, 189 pp.