Paleolimnology: An introduction to approaches used to track long-term environmental changes using lake sediments

John P. SmolJohn P. Smol
Paleoecological Environmental Assessment and Research Laboratory (PEARL) Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

John P. Smol is professor at Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario), where he also holds the Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change. John also co-directs the Paleoecological Environmental Assessment and Research Lab (PEARL), a group of over 30 students and other scientists dedicated to the study of global environmental change, and especially as it relates to lake ecosystems. John has authored over 375 journal publications and chapters since 1980, as well as completed 16 books on paleolimnology. He was the founding Editor of the international Journal of Paleolimnology (1987-2007) and is the current Editor of the journal Environmental Reviews. Since 1990 he has been awarded over 25 research and teaching awards, including the 2004 NSERC Herzberg Gold Medal as Canada’s top scientist or engineer, and the 2007 ASLO Hutchinson Award.